Ad Men Just Palling Around

Most people dream of working with their best friends, but you may wonder how you would get anything done. Well, Mark Lewis and Matt Finch are friends who make things happen. They met as children in London and after working in government jobs they decided to get into advertising.  headshot_bw

Not only are they creative Ad men, but they are writers as well which might explain why they were able to get behind The Guardian and create the best commercial of the year in 2012.

Mark and Matt have worked together to bring life to products and the most relevant one was news media. The Guardian commercial is unique because the news world and traditional journalism sources, like The Guardian, struggle to figure out how to appeal to a younger generation of millenials who are immersed in digital. It is difficult to make news exciting sometimes, especially traditional news media. Yet, Mark and Matt did just that.

As we all know, people are often getting their news information from social media and various social sources. What I believe to be particularly interesting about the videos that Matt and Mark have created for The Guardian it that they are interesting, short, and easy to share on social media. So while The Guardian may distribute these on their own, it is likely that the consumers will disseminate this content on their own. brilliant_david_tennant

Just as traditional editorial style has changed, so has traditional advertising tactics in news media and this is just one example created by two very talented Ad Men.  This smash hit work that they did made The Guardian seem more relevant and more relatable, which is increasingly difficult for newspapers today. In a neat package, Mark and Matt highlight all of The Guardian’s practices and all of what is relevant in journalism now, such as citizen journalism and digital power. And The Guardian claims that this ad direction worked for them by increasing the sales of their paper and their page views. The commercial was released in 2012, and as you can see there is a slight spike in readership. Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 7.45.01 PM.png


Obviously the readership is on the decline, but we can draw a correlation between Mark and Matt’s unique ad campaign for The Guardian and a slight bump in their readership. So, why are two guys so passionate about news media and journalism? Well perhaps it’s because they are both writers themselves.


Just as journalists build their own personal brands, so have Mark and Matt and they don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. They keep creating quality content, which is both interesting and popular. Just as journalists have their own style and way or presenting themselves through their work, Matt and Mark do the same. We will all just have to wait to see what they will create next, but for now here is this…


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